Protecting health, respecting the environment

100% natural - Virgin plant biomass extract, GMO-free

Oxilem is a mixture of phenolic polymers obtained from lignin, an important organic polymer found in plants read more

Nutraceutical - Contains antioxidants to protect DNA

Lignin is a source of polyphenols, which makes Oxilem a cocktail of health-boosting substances. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants – an essential part of the diet of living beings, as they protect DNA from free radicals and have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cardioprotective effects read more

Immunostimulant - Boosts the immune system’s defences

Oxilem boosts the immune system’s defences, reducing the need for medications. Polyphenols are natural immunostimulants which are produced by plants to defend themselves against moulds and bacteria. This makes Oxilem an excellent weapon to combat disease. A stronger immune system enables a reduction in the use of drugs that might end up in the food chain read more

Rebalances the microbiota - Inhibits pathogenic flora

Oxilem rebalances the intestinal flora, which is essential for the correct absorption of foods and the success of nutritional and pharmacological therapies. It stimulates the healthy bacterial population and inhibits pathogenic bacteria, keeping Enterobacteriaceae in check while boosting lactic bacteria read more


Dietary supplementation with the nutraceutical principles at the heart of Oxilem boosts the animal’s performance in vivo and enables drug use to be reduced, resulting in high quality standards in the meat and end products

Improves Fertility

Reduces ammonia in bedding materials

Prolongs shelf life

Optimizes fat composition

Increases sustainability of the supply chain




We are a dynamic new business involved in the development of high-quality food products for livestock, with particular attention to health and the environment. Our know-how is the fruit of scientific research into a nature-inspired food model. We strive to take the instruments created by nature and evolution and bring them to their full potential, delivering them when and where they’re needed.


Over millions of years, evolution has produced efficient compounds that enable animals and plants to live healthily on our planet, to defend themselves from disease and to adapt to change. The task of nutritional science and industry is to decode these delicate mechanisms, reproduce them and give them back to farmers as fine-tuned tools. In this way the standard products which are harmful to health and to the environment can be replaced with natural, zero-impact new products. Our long years of research alongside independent research centres and Italian universities have led to the successful development of strategies for the agricultural sector in line with the principles of Industry 4.0. Green Innovation was set up to enable access to these developments throughout the European market. Need more information? Fill in the form below to send us an email.

QS license agreement

Green Innovation is a QS-certified company. The QS certification mark stands for authorised quality assurance of fresh food. Food with the QS certification mark has an accurately documented and monitored lifecycle. Therefore, the way of a piece of meat from animal owner via abattoir and butcher, and for fruit and vegetables from producer via wholesaler, to the shop is clearly traceable.



Green Innovation tests its products through independent laboratories

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